Advocate for Medium dogs 4-10kg 6pk (8.8-22lb) 6 Pipettes

Advocate for Medium dogs 4-10kg 6pk (8.8-22lb) 6 Pipettes

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One box contains 6 pipettes for treating dogs that weigh between 4-10kg (8.8-22lb)

  • Topical Treatment and prevention of flea infestation.
  • One treatment kills fleas on dogs and prevents infestation for up to 4 weeks
  • Kills Fleas on your dog and its surrounds before they lay eggs helping to break free of the flea cycle
  • Helps control Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Treatment and prevention of biting lice (Trichodectes canis)
  • Also treats Sarcoptic Mange (caused by Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis), Demodicosis mange (caused by Demodex canis) as well as Ear Mite infections (otodectes cynotis).
  • Prevention of Heartworm Disease (L3 and L4 larvae of Dirofilaria immitis).
  • Treats gastrointestinal nematodes including ascarids, hookworms and whipworm

*Always read enclosed leaflet prior to application.

Avoid using on sick or debilitated or underweight dogs.

The safety of Advocate on breeding and lactating dogs is not established.

Administer monthly for prevention of heartworm infection. *Seek advice from your veterinarian regarding heartworm testing if you have not used Advocate previously or have missed your monthly application by more than a week.